How much does the franchise cost in total?
The total cost of a Redstones office turnkey solution is £20,000 - £25,000, including a franchise fee of £14,995, and everything else you'll need to get started. Working capital will vary depending on your personal circumstances but could be funded via overdraft.
Do you help with funding?
Yes, we have relationships with some of the high street banks and can introduce you to them.
How much working capital do you think I will need?
Working capital will vary depending on your personal circumstances but could be funded via overdraft.
How quickly can I expect to be trading?
Franchisees are typically up and running 8-12 weeks after signing their agreement.
What initial training does Redstones Franchise offer?
Training programme designed and delivered by property professionals over a two week period held at Walsall office.
How much are the on-going costs?
There is a management fee of 8% plus a marketing fee of 2% of the total sales.
Can I have access to a list of all Redstones franchisees, and can I contact them?
Yes you can, in fact we strongly recommend that anyone considering buying a franchise should talk to at least one of existing franchisees.
Will the territory offered to me be for my sole use?
Yes, your territory will be exclusive.
How big are the territories you provide?
A typical Redstones Franchise territory has a population of around 250,000 people giving you 100,000 households.
Can I see actual trading figures of Redstones' office?
Yes, you can see the trading figures of the Walsall Office.
How long is the initial franchise agreement?
We grant a 5-year term Franchise Agreement. With an automatic option to renew for a further term.
Can I sell my business if my circumstances change or if I it's not for me?
Yes, you may sell your franchise at any time to an approved buyer.
Can I meet the Redstones Franchise head office staff?
Absolutely, we'd be delighted to hear from you. In fact we're very keen that potential franchisees spend as much time as possible getting to know us and understanding the Redstones business model.

We hope this gives you some insight into the scale of the opportunity that Redstones offers its franchisees.

After 16 years as an employee I always hoped that one day I could run my own business, and buying a franchise was the perfect way to fulfil that dream.

For a relatively low initial investment we were able to secure a much larger territory than we would have been able to with anyone else. And we were also able to speak directly to Manjit Virdi, the owner of Redstones, which gave us greater insight into the business.

From the initial 2-week training course at head office, the Business Development Course, and the ongoing operational support, Redstones have been there every step of the way with endless enthusiasm.

Dean Caldon - Redstones, Brentwood
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